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SANA SPA Hotel - Hissar

Sana Spa Hotel offers escape from daily stress. Modern design, excellent service and cuisine, unique SPA and wellness center on an area of 2 000 sq. m with a private mineral spring and a variety of relaxation and healing treatments with mineral water,  a richly landscaped garden  with a sports field and an outdoor swimming pool: at Sana Spa Hotel you can indulge all your senses. The exquisite location near the Roman fortress and the proximity to the town park provide ample opportunities for a walk and immersion in nature. The multiple benefits of mineral water create excellent conditions for a “healthy holiday”.

Location оf SANA SPA Hotel, Hissar

Sana Spa Hotel is a year-round luxurious SPA and wellness 4-star hotel located in the picturesque city of Hissar, 165 km away from Sofia and 42 km away from Plovdiv. The typical mild and pleasant climate of the region, the beautifully arranged parks, the 22 mineral springs and the unique Roman ruins from the times of the emperor Diocletian turn the city into a preferred destination for relaxation and healing.

Distance to center: 540m
Distance to airport: 63,5km to Airport Plovdiv
Distance to bus station: 1km
Distance to railway station: 2km
Distance to cash machine: 0,4km
Distance to exchange office: 1km
Distance to restaurants: 1km
Distance to supermarket: 2km
Distance to shops: 0,5km

Address: 1 Beli brezi str., Hissar 4180

Facilities in SANA SPA Hotel

Sana Spa Hotel offers a comfortable and serene environment that can meet the highest expectations. Our polite and discrete team with offer you:

  • 24- hour reception;
  • Safe at the reception;
  • Room service;
  • Central air-conditioning;
  • Free of charge parking area;
  • Free Wi-Fi in the lobby and the Vinopolis Restaurant;
  • Payment with debit and credit cards;
  • Laundry, dry cleaning, and ironing services;
  • Babysitting services;
  • Tourist information and trips to historical sites;

To enjoy your exciting holiday in Sana Spa Hotel to the fullest, our professional team is here to assist you with your choice of entertainment and services:

  • The cosy Vinopolis Restaurant and Sana Spa Lobby Bar;
  • Our unique Livia’s Secrets Spa Center which amazes with a unique array of services and amenities;
  • Hairdresser’s;
  • Doctor’s office;
  • Sports field suitable for tennis, volleyball and mini-football;
  • Bicycles for rent;
  • Modern fitness center;
  • Gymnastics hall;
  • Indoor kids’ corner supervised by an animator;
  • Outdoor playground for kids;
  • Souvenir shop;
  • Comfortable conference hall and mini-conference room;

Rooms and Accommodation in SANA SPA Hotel

Sana Spa Hotel has 56 rooms which are charmingly decorated and comfortably furnished, including 16 single rooms, 16 double rooms, 7 deluxe double  rooms, 8 studios, 2 suites, 2 business suites, 4 suites for families with children, as well as a room for people with disabilities – providing all the necessary  facilities both for  vacation and business events.

Food and dining, restaurants and bars in SANA SPA Hotel

Vinopolis Restaurant

If your idea for a perfect evening involves exquisite cuisine, cosy atmosphere, and romantic music by candle light, the Vinopolis Restaurant will meet your refined criteria. 

Our rich menu will tempt you with alluring dishes, variety and above all-with its style. The Vinopolis Restaurant can simply satisfy any taste: whether you prefer traditional, gourmet or healthy cuisine, you will be thrilled. Do not miss the opportunity to try the masterpiece of our master-chef-he delicious Goose Liver with Apples, as well as our divine homemade desserts.

Sana Spa Lobby Bar

Give into the temptation to taste various drinks and cocktails at the warm and friendly Sana Spa Lobby Bar.  A rich variety of homemade desserts served with a cup of freshly brewed coffee are a real delight for the senses especially when you admire the view from the terrace of Sana Spa Hotel.

Recreation & entertainment in SANA SPA Hotel

Livia’s Secrets Spa

The anti-aging and healing characteristics of mineral water were well-known by the Romans who built thermal baths near the magical springs of Hissar. The wife of Emperor Octavian August - Livia, one of the most remarkable Roman women in history, maintained her beauty and good health by fragrant oils, herbs and mineral water baths. In her honor, our Spa and Wellness Center carries the name Livia’s Secrets. We would like to share her secrets with you!

Today we are bringing ancient knowledge and the latest trends in the spa and wellness industry together in order to offer you an incredible spa experience. Located on two levels and on an area of more than 2000 sq. m, Livia’s Secrets mesmerizes your senses with a full range of services. You can take advantage of relaxation and beauty treatments as well as our healing water treatments and physiotherapy options. Those willing to pamper themselves can choose from the numerous temptations of our spa menu. If you prefer to take the time to prevent some health issues, you can consult our doctors, who will develop a program according to your individual needs.

Relax in style – our mission is to satisfy any of your whims.

Facial and Body Spa Treatments

Exhilarate your senses, forget tiredness, release toxins, and improve your skin tone by our inspirational face and body treatments. Livia Secret’s Spa offers a wide range of spa therapies with essential oils, herbs, honey, and chocolate. Try our natural aroma fragrances to achieve radiantly smooth and soft skin. Our therapists will surprise you with unique peeling treatments with herbs, grapes, and so many countless options for pure relaxation. Feel the healing effects and delight of wine, sea, and fruit aromas. Besides the extraordinary treatments for ladies, we also have care and treatments developed especially for men.


Livia Secret’s Spa is the place where you can revitalize your body, relieve muscle tension, and release the stress. A relaxing or an aromatherapy massage will restore the vital energy of your body and will turn your skin into a satin temptation. You can choose among one of the many massages with natural products and feel the healing power of honey. Pamper yourself in a sea of chocolate and let your body absorb as much as possible in the sweetest massage you can indulge in. Awake your senses by an aromatherapy massage with rose, marigold, lemon balm, or lavender oil and experience the exotic scents of eucalyptus and tea tree which will fully recover your body and mind.

Choose the most suitable massage for you:

  • Hot stone massage
  • Honey delight
  • Chocolate euphoria
  • Anti-cellulite massage
  • Reflexotherapy
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Thai massage 

Rhassoul Massage

What a wonderful way to detoxify and improve your blood circulation! A special kind of healing mud called rhassoul enriched with herbal extracts is gently massaged into your body in a room with high temperature. Following a gentle body rinse, an additional massage with extracts of herbal oil relaxes the entire body and mind and delights the senses.

Sauna Park

A visit to the sauna and steam bath is the ideal way to keep yourself in a good physical shape and refresh your skin. The body is toned, detoxified and thus the liver and kidneys function better. The flow of vitality strengthens the immune system. Livia’s Secrets Spa gives the opportunity to choose the most suitable sauna for you:

  • Finnish sauna
  • Infrared sauna
  • Steam bath
  • Aroma steam bath

Hairdresser´s Salon

Lift your mood and add a glamorous touch to your appearance at Sana Spa Hotel’s hairdresser’s salon. Beauty is just one step away while you calmly relax in peaceful surroundings with a stylish cup of coffee. Whether you are on a holiday or on a business trip, the individual approach of our hairstylist will make you feel special and irresistible.

Fancy Manicures and Pedicures

Take care of your beautiful and graceful hands. Treat yourself with a spa or paraffin treatment that can be added to every manicure. Spa pedicure and spa treatment for soft and smooth feet are other unusual ways to delight your senses.

Wine Treatment

Discover the magic of wine. Feel the beneficial effects of its antioxidant, rejuvenating, and nourishing power for beautiful skin and fresh complexion. Relax all your senses and enjoy the inebriation of the grape potion in our special spa treatment room. Feel the spirit of ancient Rome and explore the pleasures of ancient Romans.

Rose Treatment

Immerse yourself in the mystical fairytale of the Valley of Roses. Gentle peeling with petals and rose oil is a unique ritual to restore your energy balance. Relaxing facial and body massage with rose oil and aromatherapy bath with rose petals are ways to dive into another exciting world, full of fragrance and delight.

Spa Capsule

Discover the benefits of oxygen and recover your body and mind. Oxygen activates the regenerative power of body tissues and encourages healthy cell composition. The increased oxygen levels stimulate mental alertness, boost up the immune system, neutralize free radicals, detoxify the body, and have anti-bacterial and indirect anti-viral effect on the whole body.

Water Jet Massage

Pamper yourself in a bath with mineral water and experience the gentle massage of warm water jets. Lift your mood and enjoy a journey of various fragrant oils with a healing effect:

  • Aroma bath for delicate, supple and sensitive skin with sweet almond oil;
  • Energizing bath with rosemary oil;
  • Balancing bath with orange and lime tree oil;
  • Harmonizing bath with lavender oil;
  • Relaxing bath with field flowers oil; 
  • Respiratory relief bath with eucalyptus;

Underwater Massage Bath

This relaxing and energizing underwater massage is your best bet to get rid of  tiredness. Feel the healing effect of mineral water on your entire body. The water jet penetrates deep into the soft tissues and improves metabolism, helps digestion and relieves the locomotive and nervous systems.

Vichy Shower

Resembling a warm summer drizzle, this relaxing treatment has an anti-stress invigorating effect on your entire body. The Vichy Shower has various programs for relaxation and for slimming. This special treatment will make you feel energized and refreshed.

Hydro-colon Therapy

Due to poor nutrition, less physical activity, and stress the body accumulates toxins and misbalances the proper functioning of inner organs. Livia’s Secrets Spa offers an effective way to reduce these processes by hydro-colon therapy. The healing effect of the mineral water cleanses the gastro-internal area and helps, detoxifies the body, and improves the skin’s appearance.


Sana Spa Hotel offers unique treatments among which:


Lye therapy

Lye therapy is the perfect opportunity to feel the healing power of nature. This unique natural product reduces inflammation and relieves joint pain particularly in the back, the knees, and the arms. Lye therapy brings back the vitality of your body.


Paraffin therapy

 Paraffin therapy is a well-known method practiced for centuries. The benefits of paraffin are countless and mainly related to restoring joints. This treatment speeds up the recovery of the body, relaxes the muscles, and helps the patient feel the joy of easy movement again.


Electrotherapy is a preferred method for pain alleviation of locomotive problems and injuries. The alteration of low- and mid-frequency electric current recovers the muscles and reduces inflammation.

Magnetic therapy

 Magnetic therapy uses the healing power of magnetic fields in order to relieve rheumatic pains and accelerate recovery after injuries. This is one of the oldest forms of treatment practiced by the ancient Egyptians with no side effects. It leads to good results in the treatment of cardiovascular and nervous system problems as well as inflammatory and chronic rheumatic pain.

Ultrasound therapy

 Take advantage of the ultrasound therapy offered at Livia’s Secrets Spa. This modern healing method combines the benefits of ultrasound waves with healing gels and balms. The therapy is appropriate for the treatment of problems with the locomotive system such as disc herniation, rheumatism, injuries, etc.


Enjoy an extraordinary journey to your inner self with yoga - the most ancient way of physical and spiritual self-improvement. Treat yourself to a healthy, adaptive and elegant body and self-esteem of an energetic and self-confident person. According to yoga philosophy, yoga exercises not only improve your physical shape, but also enlighten your spirit. Yoga helps your body function better and strengthens the muscles, joints and bones. Recover your wellness, beauty, and energy while you enjoy your holiday at Sana Spa Hotel.

Therapeutic Gymnastics

Therapeutic gymnastics is a unique holistic method which helps patients with locomotive problems. It is useful for the recovery of muscles particularly after various injuries. In addition, it can alleviate back issues of adults and children alike. The healing exercises performed in a group or individually restore the vitality of your body and make you feel energized and toned.

Fitness Center

Sana Spa Hotel offers multiple opportunities to maintain your great shape even during your holidays. Our modern fully-equipped fitness center will simply tempt you to exercise!  Take advantage of your free time and enjoy a quality workout with latest trend equipment. The fitness center is spacious and air-conditioned and has a wonderful view of the park, which ensures not only an effective but also a pleasant exercise.


Apitheraphy is a unique holistic method which uses honey bee products. Honey is a combination of sunlight and flowers’ scent and juices. The one-of-a-kind mix of numerous nutrients and vitamins makes this sweet remedy a universal cure with a long lasting healing effect. Apitherapy has been well-known since ancient times and is becoming continuously popular with contemporary physicians.

Sana Spa Hotel is a real paradise for children and their parents. Fully adapted to the needs of the youngest, the hotel offers endless entertainment:

  • Kids’ play area: Colorfully decorated, the kids’ play area is one of the most exciting places. A professional guardian amuses and looks after the children while their parents have some time for themselves. This is the area where they can learn new things, participate in various activities, watch movies and play Playstation games.
  • Playground: Kids may continue having fun at the outdoor playground which offers a variety of swings, slides, and climbing frames. 
  • Kid’s corner in the pools: The indoor and outdoor swimming pools are certainly attractive places for all kids where they can play in their own area.
  • Special kids’ menu: The Vinopolis Restaurant and Sana Spa Lobby Bar have developed a special menu which takes the kids’ preferences into consideration and amazes them with popular cartoon characters.
  • Sports facilities: Grown-up kids can play mini-football with their parents in the sports field. In addition, bicycles for kids can be rented at the reception.

All these features turn Sana Spa Hotel into a preferred vacation spot both for kids and for adults.